American Institutions - Pols 1100 U.S. National Government and Politics

This course surveys the institutions and practices of the U.S. national government with emphasis placed on political behavior and social conflict.

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Before taking this course, I thought I knew and understood a lot about our United states government and its political association with other countries. After the completion of this course, I can say that I have gained a plethora of new information and perspectives regarding government, personal liberties and problems associated with both.

I have gained a new appreciation for our founding fathers and just what they went through in order for us to have the freedoms we have today. Fighting for independence against the strongest nation in the world at the time and organizing the constitution that gives us our freedoms today is no small feat. Because of our founding fathers and the constitution, we have freedoms that other countries can only dream of.

I knew that making laws was complex, but after learning the process that they go through to finally get passed by congress and become a law themselves, I now more fully understand how difficult it is to implement change here in the U.S. One example of this can be gun laws.

There are many issues we face here in America as well as on a global scale internationally. In class, we often had hypothetical debates and discussions on the problems and possible solutions for these problems. We had discussions on different points of view and why each point of view has important factors to consider. Our professor stood neutral during these classroom debates and discussions so it was good to be able to see from a neutral point of view the problems and situations that surround us in government and society today.

Overall, this class taught me more than I had at first anticipated. My views and perspectives have changed and I have become more open minded. My knowledge of the way things happen in our government and how things operate is far greater.  I’m forever grateful for the professor and fellow class mates that allowed for a wonderful learning experience throughout the semester!

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