Personal Finance - Fin 1050

This course taught me a lot about budgeting my money and planning for the future. I learned such things as how to maintain a great credit score, how to get my taxes filed correctly, how to finance a home, and how to know what types of insurance are out there and I will need.

Throughout the course of this class, we worked on building a monthly budget based off of the income of a chosen career of our choice. I chose to build a budget from the income of a chiropractor. I have uploaded that below.

SOC occupation - Chiropractor.xlsx SOC occupation - Chiropractor.xlsx
Size : 10.911 Kb
Type : xlsx


My chosen occupation for this budget was a chiropractor. I chose to base my budget off this career because this is the path I plan to take in the future. The setting of this budget takes place after I’ve been to school and received my degree as a chiropractor, moved into a more permanent home, and have been married and started a family with kids. I liked how I got a real sense of what it would be like to live by this budget. It helped me to lock in and confirm that this is a good profession that would provide well for myself and my family.

I’m grateful to have been able to create this budget because it has given me a real sense of what my monthly budget is going to look like and where my money is going to be spent.

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